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Product Name:
2-Phenylacetamide 103-81-1 supplier in China
white powder
25 kg/bag

Product Introduction

Melting point of 156 ° c.

The boiling point of 280-290 ° C (dec)

Solubility Soluble in methanol.

Merck 7266

CAS DataBase 103-81-1 (CAS DataBase Reference)

NIST chemical information Benzeneacetamide (103-81-1)

EPA chemical information Benzeneacetamide (103-81-1)

2 - phenylamide use and synthesis method

Chemical white flake crystals.Soluble in hot water, ethanol, slightly soluble in cold water, ether and benzene.

It is used as an intermediate for drugs such as penicillin G and phenobarbital and is also used in organic synthesis

Use this product as the intermediate body of medicine, pesticide and spice.In the pharmaceutical industry, penicillin G medium and sedative drug phenobarbital ingredients.

Production methods to styrene, sulphur, liquid ammonia and water into the autoclave, under 165 ℃, about 6.5 MPa pressure reaction, and then heated to steam and hurried to hydrogen sulfide gas, add active carbon decoloring, cooling, crystallization, filtration, drying and phenyl ethyl amide.This method can be improved for pipelining continuous production, styrene and ammonium polysulfide solution according to the volume ratio 1:2 to cooperate, through high pressure pipeline, reaction temperature is 200 ℃, reaction pressure for 6-7.8 MPa, the reaction time of 1.5 h.The posttreatment process of reaction products is similar to the intermittent method of high pressure kettle.Raw material consumption quota: styrene (99%) 1117kg/t, sulphur (98.5%) 716kg/t, liquid ammonia (99%) 539kg/t, activated carbon 47kg/t.Another method of production is to heat up the hydrolysis of benzene acetonitrile (a mixture of benzyl chloride and sodium cyanide in dimethylamine aqueous solution) in sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.Adding phenylacetonitrile concentrated hydrochloric acid, stir to dissolve and 50 ℃ in half an hour.Then the water is slowly added to the crystal after cooling, and then it is filtered and washed with ice water.The raw material is washed with sodium carbonate solution, then washed with ice water, and then it can be purified with benzacetamide.Raw material consumption quota: benzyl chloride (95%) 1190kg/t, sodium cyanide (95%) 527kg/t, dimethylamine (industrial products) 20kg/t, sodium carbonate (industrial products) 185kg/t, sulphuric acid (92.5%) 1760kg/t.

Product  Name: 2-Phenylacetamide
CAS  No.: 103-81-1
Molecular form: C8H9NO
Molecular weight: 135.16
Appearance: white powder
Assay%: 97%
mp  156 °C
CAS DataBase Reference 103-81-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
Package: 25kg/drum
Usage: an important intermediate for pharmaceutical