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Product Name:
Gallic Acid monohydrate
white powder
25 kg/bag

Product Introduction

Chinese name: gallic acid monohydrate Chinese alias: times acid;Gallic acid, monohydrate;Gallic acid hydrate;Gallic acid.Gallic acid hydrate;See more Chinese alias English name: Gallic acid monohydrate English alias: three, four, five - trihydroxybenzoic acid, hydrateCAS no. : 5995-86-8 formula: C7H8O6 molecular weight: 188.13500 the precise quality: 188.03200 PSA: LogP 107.22000:0.43730
Physical and chemical properties
Appearance and properties: gray and beige powder density: 1.694 melting point: 252 ° C (dec) (lit) boiling point: DHS C at 760 mmHg flash point 596.6:250 ° C water solubility: 15 g/l (20 DHS C) storage conditions: low temperature warehouse, ventilated, dry
Safety information
Customs code: 2918290000 WGK Germany: 2 dangerous category code: 37/38 R36 / safety instructions: S26 - S36 - S24: no. 25 rtecs LW7525000 dangerous mark: Xi: Irritant.
Check all production methods and purposes
Production methods

1. The gallic acid are usually made by tannic acid decomposition.The main raw material consumption quota: (press 1 t products) gallnut (contain tannins 56% or higher) 2680 kg of sulfuric acid (95%) or higher 880 kg activated carbon (industrial) 255 kg
2. In order to extract tannin from Chinese gall acid as raw materials, in the presence of sulfuric acid hydrolysis, control temperature 13
3 ~ 135 ℃, pressure force is 0.18 ~ 0.2 mPa.Timing starts from the booster to 0.18 mPa, keep 2 h, the reaction of the finish.The solution obtained decompression evaporation to remove part of the water, and then cooled to 0 ~ 5 ℃, crystallization, filtration products.After crude products gallic acid dissolved with water, add active carbon decoloring, filtered filtrate cooling crystallization.Water recrystallization 2 ~ 3 times, under the condition of no more than 70 ℃ drying, for a quick finished product.Reactive process is: 3 times flowers as raw material, add the 4 ~ 7 times the mass of the water soak for 24 h after heating to heat up, and slowly add a certain amount of sulfuric acid under stirring constantly, keep boiling state, until the hydrolysis completely.And then strike filter The Times spent slag.Filtrate by vacuum evaporation in addition to water, cooling crystallization of crude products.Crude product with active carbon decoloring, its ratio is coarse product (dry basis) : activated carbon: water = 1...


In the aspects of pharmaceutical, foodstuff, light industry are widely used.Gallic acid iron, for example, is the basic material in the manufacture of the blue-black ink, gallic acid is hemostatic astringent, add gallic acid in edible oils and fats can increase fat storage time and the oxidation resistance, etc.Used as analytical reagent.Used for spectrophotometric determination of cerium, titanium, phosphate and nitrite.Used as a depolarizer in electrochemical analysis.Also used in the manufacture of ink and the photographic industry.           Gallic acid


Production capacity: 2000 T/Year

Other name:gallnut acid

Chemical name3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acid

Mol. form and Mol. wt. C7H8O6   188.13
DescriptionA white or white crystalline powder. Soluble in 85 proportions of water, 6 alcohol and 2 boil-water, slightly soluble in ether.
  Specification: Comply with the requirements of European-93 (1-class) Standard, JIS (1-class)standard, U.S.P.21 edition(1985), superior grade.

Technical data: