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clove oi
yellow liquid

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Clove oil to lock
By the "China science" this articles writing scientific entry and application project audit work.
Clove also called clove, myrtle myrtles genera, as evergreen trees.Alternaria alternata in Madagascar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, India, Vietnam and China, hainan, yunnan.Parts available for dry flower bud, stem and leaf.Bud distilled by steam distillation, available clove bud oil, the oil rate was 15% ~ 18%;Clove bud oil to clear yellow to brown liquid liquid, sometimes slightly viscosity;With YaoXiang, radix aucklandiae, spice and eugenol characteristic aroma, relative density 1.044 ~ 1.057, the refractive index of 1.528 ~ 1.538.Distillation cloves stems by steam distillation, available cloves stems oil, the oil rate was 4% ~ 6%;Clove oil is yellow to light brown liquid stem, dark purple brown after exposure to iron;With spicy and eugenol characteristic aroma, but not as good as the bud oil, relative density 1.041 ~ 1.059, the refractive index of 1.531 ~ 1.536.Distillation of blade by steam distillation, can get clove leaf oil, oil rate was 2%;Clove leaf oil is yellow to light brown liquid, after contact with iron dim;With spicy and eugenol characteristic aroma, relative density 1.039 ~ 1.051, the refractive index of 1.531 ~ 1.535 [1].
Chinese clove oil origin of southeast Asia type classification standard function class plant extracts out the place of the medicinal to source the myrtle family
1 introduction
Forced the definition
Forced the classification
2 the basic information
3 safety management situation
4 physical and chemical properties
5 extraction method
6 medicinal clove oil
7 source
8 morphological
9 traits
10 properties and effect
11 attached to the party
12 each paper
13 excerpts
14 risk term
Introduction to the
In China is not widely cultivated ornamental small trees, north of the Yangtze river oleaceae clove genus clove (don't named lilacs, if, the junction, north lilacs) scientific name (Syringa oblata Lindl.)
Please add information later friends will be subject to scientific name, don't put the images or data of syringa up again!Also don't know the friend please refer to the baidu encyclopedia clove entry!
Clove oil according to the function can be divided into:
1, the consumption of clove oil: used for cooking seasoning, can eat directly.
2, medicinal clove oil: internal and external, consult your doctor use.
Clove essential oil: in 3, spice used in aromatherapy treatments, concentration is high, eating can be deadly, please do not try!Strictly speaking can be divided into the clove leaf oil, clove oil, clove oil, clove bud oil stem.In the spices industry, general said most of clove oil for the clove leaf oil.
The basic information
Main ingredients: eugenol, caryophyllene, eugenol acetate and methyl amyl ketone, etc.
The sensory characteristics: with spicy and eugenol characteristic aroma.
Application Suggestions: clove oil is widely used for mixing daily, food, wine, cigarette flavor;Also used in single eugenol and synthesis of other spices.
Suggested usage: concentration in the final spicy food is about 0.1 ~ 830 mg/kg [1].